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Do not be a fool!

 Proverbs 15:5  A fool despises his father’s correction, but he who receives correction is prudent. (NKJV)

At times, children can be hard-headed and disobedient.  Whether a toddler or a grown adult, the level of disobedience may demand varying degrees of penalty or correction.  Whatever the case; receive the correction from your father so that you may mature and become wise.  
When Pete was five years old, his mom and dad divorced.  Pete’s mom changed their names, moved out of state, and against the will of the court; refused to allow his father to have contact.  For years, Pete could only dream what life might have been like if his dad was a part of his life.  After years of searching, Pete was 23 years old when his father finally located him.  Although their reunion was icy, they agreed to make an attempt at starting a father-son relationship.  Although they were separated for 18 years, Pete’s father loved him very much and would offer guidance and monetary resources to assist Pete in everyday life situations.   However, in order to hurt his father; Pete would reject his father’s sound loving advice and do the opposite.  Eventually, Pete’s actions got him fired from three jobs within one year, and a 4-year sentence for domestic violence.  You must listen to your father’s instruction; even when it hurts you to do so!   

What are you enticed by?

 Proverbs 1:10   My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them. (NIV)          Why is it so easy to be a follower?  Perhaps it’s because following does not require much leadership.  Simply following may also reduce your level of accountability.  So you may think!

Mark was a friendly kid who achieved good grades in school and was highly respected.  He planned to join the U.S. Army in a few months.  However, Mark was very impressionable and liked to fit in with others. One day, a friend named Larry, proposed they steal an expensive bike from a nearby store.  Larry had stolen two bikes from the same store in the previous 6 months.  Besides, Larry offered Mark half the proceeds after he sold the stolen bike.  The thought of easy money was enticing.  Mark and Larry went to a party, drank beer until they were intoxicated, then decided to steal a bike.  Buzzed on “liquid courage”, they actually stole 3 bikes worth a total of $2,200.  They were able to get four blocks away before being apprehended by police officers.  Mark was ultimately charged and convicted of felony theft and DUI.  Due to Mark’s felony convictions, he could no longer serve in our military.  Mark’s life-altering tragedy could have been avoided if he would have resisted the wickedly enticing words of his friend.

Getting on track

By the spring of 2017, it had been awhile since the iOS and Android apps were available on the App Store and Google Play.  Until that point, I was the only person who researched, developed, managed, determined spending, and authorized the direction for which the vision would go.  That would not have been a bad “idea” if God had given me all of the wisdom, knowledge, understanding to fulfil the vision on my own.  However, during this season, I determined I would no longer continue to haphazardly throw money here and there or execute random ideas without wise counsel.  I still knew that God had given me a vision and that the vision would manifest.  However, I determined I could not  get there on my own with my limited expertise.  I began reading books that focused on learning to apply sound business and financial principles to my profession.   After that, I learned about Hustle Phx 101 and quickly enrolled.  During the course, I met an instructor, Todd Davis, of Ideaology Consulting Group who expressed an interest in helping me grow the Wisdomantics vision.  I now have access to a team who can give the expertise I have lacked for so long.  I believe God is ready to do what I could never have imagined!

Development of the Wisdomantics apps

Solomons proverbs


Sales for the Wisdomantics DVD interactive board game never gained any substantial traction.  Initially, shipments were processed from the Grand Prix International (GPI) warehouse in Massachusetts. In January of 2015, GPI informed me that I would have to move my games from their warehouse by March. I felt as though I had gone from being slapped in the face to being punched in the gut.  So, this was the point that I enacted plan D.  The 4,700 or so remaining games were then shipped to 3 separate Amazon distribution centers throughout the U.S.  I just knew that this was a blessing in disguise and that sales would soar through the roof.  Yes, as you guessed, this would not be the case.  It cost more to store the games in the distribution centers than I was earning in monthly sales.  As a result, I had to make the ultimate decision to create a removal order to destroy my games in the Amazon distribution centers.  There was even a substantial cost for that!  Why would God give me a vision, let me work on it for now approximately 9 ½ years, then watch me destroy the games due to lack of sales?  I don’t know.  Why do fools fall in love? I do know that I once again had to step back, re-access the situation, and come back with a renewed fighting spirit.  I sought some wise counsel from a marketing expert and she thought I had a great game concept but that I needed to develop Wisdomantics into an app.  Although that wasn’t the first time I heard that, it would be the last time before I determined I needed to make that immediate change.  I contacted Sharkfuel, a subsidiary of in the fall of 2015 and discovered that they could transform my board game into an iOS app.  After much work and determination, the iOS app was available on the App Store in the spring of 2016.  The Android app was available on Google Play in the winter of 2016.  The apps are available now for $1.99 and include proverbs from both the NIV and NKJV.

Birth of the vision



In the summer of 2000, I believe the Lord directed me to develop a game based on the proverbs of Solomon. Feeling unqualified and ill-equipped, I decided to do nothing except began reading one chapter of Proverbs each day.  On Friday, September 22, 2006, I was praying around 6 pm and I had a life-altering experience with God. Essentially, He gave me another opportunity to do what He asked me to do 6 years earlier.  Immediately, I knew this was from God and that I was equipped for the task.  I visited several Christian bookstores and told them I was looking for a game based on the proverbs of Solomon.  Amazingly, none of them knew of such a game!  At that point, I knew this was my mission and that God would be with me along the way.  Not knowing how the game would look or play, I prayed for direction and developed step-by-step rules, concepts, and mechanisms.  Within 7 months, I had a working game prototype and copyright.  The game was initially called, “King Solomon’s Revenge”! I am happy to know we serve a God who knows us better than we know ourselves. Sure, I was under qualified and an unlikely pick.  That’s why I can give God all the praise and honor because it all belongs to Him!

Till death do us part

wisdomantics app

My wife Patricia and I were married in 1992. We had two children together.  We were two hardworking parents who tried their best to raise a family with Christian values.  On September 22, 2006, my wife was the first to receive a call regarding my encounter with God.  Although she knew I wasn’t a drug user, she probably thought someone added too much special sauce on my cheeseburger!  Nevertheless, she neither mocked nor belittled me.  She simply did her best to support me and pray for the vision.  On the other hand, I had to know that this was my vision and I couldn’t expect anyone to feel as passionate as me.  I worked on the vision for several years as Patricia played more of a supportive and collaborative role in the development of what I initially called King Solomon’s Revenge.  Years later, I changed the name to Wisdomantics.  Patricia was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer in the spring of 2009.  When it was discovered, it had already metastasized to her liver and lungs. She had an operation and then endured several rounds of chemotherapy.  At times, her condition would greatly improve, and we would give praise to God.  However, we would also give God praise each day in the end when her health steadily declined.  Patricia’s battle ended when she went to be with the Lord in 2011.  She is now in perfect peace enjoying the blessings of heaven!  What do you do when God has a plan for you and the carpet is yanked from under your feet?  Should I give up on my dreams, and blame God?  No, I took time to grieve, then continued with the vision for my life.  After all, that’s what Patricia wanted me to do as well.


Wisdomantics for a Fresh start to 2017

How is 2017 beginning for you? Each New Year is a time for celebration and new beginnings. Even when the previous year has been full of bad news, bad deals, bad vibes, and bad attitudes, the New Year brings hope for a fresh start and better outcomes. Here’s a bit of good news for you!

Wisdomantics is available with brand new features for an even more engaging and entertaining experience. When you encounter the wisdom of the book of Proverbs through Wisdomantics you will feel empowered and encouraged; feelings which may be desperately needed in times of stress and storm. Today’s world can be frightfully depressing, but you don’t have to let it get you or your family down.

Wisdomantics Christian game - reaching out

Every year the media is full of stories about holiday depression. There’s a myth that more suicides are committed during the Christmas season than any other time of year. Researchers have studied the phenomena and discovered that suicide rates actually decline a little before Christmas. In fact, statistics from the CDC prove that the suicide rates are somewhat lower during November, December and January. Yet, the myth persists.

Myths notwithstanding, many people still experience depression during this time of year. For some it has to do with Season Affective Disorder or SAD. Lack of light can depress the mood of a person suffering from this disorder. Using a special light daily can help and possibly eliminate the problem. There are individuals who are predisposed to depression through heredity. An episode may be triggered by stress. We all know the stress that can be brought on by the holidays. Those who have recurring bouts of major depression whether during the holidays or any other time should seek the help they need.

Many people who experience sadness during the holidays will find that the blues will lift. According to Myrna Weissman, Ph.D., a member of the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, people who don’t have major depression disorders may be experiencing a transient episode of depression. Positive experiences and interactions with close relatives and friends may dispel the doldrums.

Coming together with family and friends doesn’t need to be limited to special occasions. When you’re feeling down, reaching out to someone and sharing a good time is like medicine for the weary soul. Having fun does not need to be expensive either. Going for a walk or spending time outdoors in a natural environment is good for uplifting a blue mood. Put on some upbeat music and you’ll be surprised at how good it can make you feel.

Take time to make a pizza or share a bowl of popcorn and watch a funny movie together; quality time can cause the blues to evaporate.  Engage a loved one in a conversation about good times, hopes and aspirations. Create something together. Sitting down with crayons and paper for a coloring session can provide just the therapy you need to eliminate those sad feelings.

Gather friends or family together for a game night. There is something about laughter and comradery that dissipates the blues. Wisdomantics is a perfect game for such an occasion. With new features to make it even more entertaining, Wisdomatics is available on Google Play and the App store. For less than the cost of a value meal at your local fast food restaurant you can enjoy playing a game that is not only fun to play, but it is also informative.

Today’s society leaves a lot to be desired and that alone is enough to make a person feel defeated and blue. Why not let the wisdom of the book of Proverbs sustain you and lift you up through the fun of Wisdomantics while having a good time with family and friends! Download Wisdomantics today and let the wisdom of Solomon chase your blues away.

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Wisdomantics for iOS and Android devices Is Here!

Wisdomantics, the game you’ve been waiting for is here just in time for gift-giving! Solomon, often called the wisest man ever to live, left a legacy of wisdom that still impacts the lives of millions. Now you, your family and friends can gain the wisdom of Solomon through this exciting interactive game. For $1.99, less than the cost of a Christmas Latte, you can download Wisdomantics and give the gift of Solomon’s wisdom to family and friends. More than just a board game, Wisdomantics can be played anywhere in the world on iOS and Android devices.

Wisdomantics android and ios Christian game app

Play with friends and family in the multiplayer mode no matter where you or they happen to be, or play and pass it around for a fun game night. Don’t feel like company, but you’re still up for a game? Play in solo mode with up to three bots.

Strategy, chance and knowledge make the game captivating and lively. It’s an educational tool. Dig deep into Solomon’s wisdom as you build the temple. Learn about this mighty king’s extraordinary achievements and the celebrated acts for which he is best known. Be amazed as you learn about the building materials used to construct the world’s most beautiful temple. Learn from Solomon’s mistakes of disobedience and rebellion. Gain valuable insights as you race to finish the temple.

Wisdomantics has all the intrigue of popular games of strategy, the excitement of games of chance and the delight of games of trivia which rely on skill and luck all rolled into one! Lose a turn if you end up in the Detention Chambers. Share your insights when you land on the Praise Report space. Remember the needs of others when you land on the Petition a Prayer Request space.  Gain wisdom as you share with other players.

Invite people from all over the world to join you in a game of Wisdomantics. Download your game today on the App Store and Google Play for only $1.99! Play Wisdomantics via Facebook, Twitter or even email. This Christmas, give a gift of excitement, fun and wisdom to those you hold dear. Give the gift of Wisdomantics!

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The Ultimate Christian Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again when the hustle and bustle of finding all the perfect gifts for friends and family is in full swing. Despite the deals that Black Friday afforded the savvy shopper, there are still great deals to be had and some of the best Christmas gifts may not even be on your gift list yet.

Ultimate Christian Gift Guide infants kids teens entire family(affiliate links are used in this post for your shopping convenience)

ONE: Fisher Price Little People Nativity Scene | TWO: Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving Book | THREE: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader dvd  | FOUR: Heaven is for Real kids’ Book  | FIVE: KJV The Beginner’s Holy Bible | SIX: Slinky Secret Messages | SEVEN: Be Still Art Pad | EIGHT: Strong + Kind necklace  | NINE: NKJV Ignite Bible for Teens | TEN: Wisdomantics App Game

Infants to age 4
Books are always a welcome gift for this age group. Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving is a perfect selection for this time of year. Teach the true meaning of Christmas with the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Scene.

Ages 5 – 7
Start a meaningful conversation with the Heaven is for Real kids’ book. For those more into movies, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader is a great dvd.  It’s never too early for Bible stories. KJV The Beginner’s Bible Holy Bible will be a long cherished gift.

Ages 8 – 12
This group enjoys being active and Slinky Secret Messages teaches kids about codes and hidden messages. The Be Still art pad is ideal for the budding artist.

Always a good message, Strong + Kind is printed on a gold-plated bar necklace from the Sadie Robertson Live Original Collection, this gift is suitable for all teens, girls and boys alike. Help them stay in the word with the NKJV Ignite: The Bible for Teens.  Your teenagers will also enjoy the Wisdomantics game apps for Android and iOS devices. Please see more information below.

For the Entire Family!
The new Wisdomantics game is expected to be released by December 19th. It now has questions from both the NKJV and NIV versions of the Bible. Another great feature is the universal gameplay between Android and iOS devices. Play with anyone, anywhere.

Grow in wisdom and knowledge as you play Wisdomantics and put your Bible knowledge to the test no matter what device you are playing on. Enjoy the graphics as you play with video in-app. This new feature really makes the game come alive even on small screens!

Make this Christmas unforgettable with Wisdomantics. Give a gift of fun, wisdom and spiritual development. Wisdomantics is also great for homeschoolers, church ministries, and family gatherings. Order yours soon for the new reduced price of just $1.99!

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Learn the Value of Wisdom No Matter Where In the World You Are

English speaking people worldwide will enjoy Wisdomantics, an interactive board game available for download on most iOS devices. The benefits from this enjoyable game are numerous. First, Wisdomantics is based on the Book of Proverbs; players will be soaked in valuable lessons of wisdom. Second, Wisdomantics is fun. Players from all over the globe will enjoy the layout and the versatility of the game. Play with anyone, anywhere in the world. If you don’t feel like company, you can play solo against up to three bots. Two to four players can play in person sharing one device. So many ways to play and fun for all.


Wisdomantics is an innovative game that uses strategy, chance and knowledge for player enjoyment. Tokens move from one to three spaces by chance. You receive blessing cards at each move. Use these to strategize how you will optimize your chances for winning. Your familiarity with the book of Proverbs will be helpful, yet it is not necessary to win the game.

As you journey through the game you are building Solomon’s temple. The first person to complete the temple wins the game! You will learn about the notable acts Solomon is best known for along with his great achievements. You will also learn about his disobedience and rebellion which resulted in a kingdom divided. Learn about the beautiful materials used to construct the temple. Land on the Praise Report space and share the insights gained from the spiritual content of the game. Avoid the Detention Chambers if you can! It will cost you a move.

Introduce your friends to Wisdomantics. Play through the Apple Game Center or share via Facebook, Twitter, even email. Wisdomantics allows you to play anywhere in the world. Invite friends and family, missionaries, pen pals, anyone to join in the journey. Check out Wisdomantics today and pursue wisdom in a new and exciting way!

Buy and play Wisdomantics today – Only $2.99!

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