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Wisdomantics for iOS and Android devices Is Here!

Wisdomantics, the game you’ve been waiting for is here just in time for gift-giving! Solomon, often called the wisest man ever to live, left a legacy of wisdom that still impacts the lives of millions. Now you, your family and friends can gain the wisdom of Solomon through this exciting interactive game. For $1.99, less than the cost of a Christmas Latte, you can download Wisdomantics and give the gift of Solomon’s wisdom to family and friends. More than just a board game, Wisdomantics can be played anywhere in the world on iOS and Android devices.

Wisdomantics android and ios Christian game app

Play with friends and family in the multiplayer mode no matter where you or they happen to be, or play and pass it around for a fun game night. Don’t feel like company, but you’re still up for a game? Play in solo mode with up to three bots.

Strategy, chance and knowledge make the game captivating and lively. It’s an educational tool. Dig deep into Solomon’s wisdom as you build the temple. Learn about this mighty king’s extraordinary achievements and the celebrated acts for which he is best known. Be amazed as you learn about the building materials used to construct the world’s most beautiful temple. Learn from Solomon’s mistakes of disobedience and rebellion. Gain valuable insights as you race to finish the temple.

Wisdomantics has all the intrigue of popular games of strategy, the excitement of games of chance and the delight of games of trivia which rely on skill and luck all rolled into one! Lose a turn if you end up in the Detention Chambers. Share your insights when you land on the Praise Report space. Remember the needs of others when you land on the Petition a Prayer Request space.  Gain wisdom as you share with other players.

Invite people from all over the world to join you in a game of Wisdomantics. Download your game today on the App Store and Google Play for only $1.99! Play Wisdomantics via Facebook, Twitter or even email. This Christmas, give a gift of excitement, fun and wisdom to those you hold dear. Give the gift of Wisdomantics!

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The Ultimate Christian Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again when the hustle and bustle of finding all the perfect gifts for friends and family is in full swing. Despite the deals that Black Friday afforded the savvy shopper, there are still great deals to be had and some of the best Christmas gifts may not even be on your gift list yet.

Ultimate Christian Gift Guide infants kids teens entire family(affiliate links are used in this post for your shopping convenience)

ONE: Fisher Price Little People Nativity Scene | TWO: Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving Book | THREE: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader dvd  | FOUR: Heaven is for Real kids’ Book  | FIVE: KJV The Beginner’s Holy Bible | SIX: Slinky Secret Messages | SEVEN: Be Still Art Pad | EIGHT: Strong + Kind necklace  | NINE: NKJV Ignite Bible for Teens | TEN: Wisdomantics App Game

Infants to age 4
Books are always a welcome gift for this age group. Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving is a perfect selection for this time of year. Teach the true meaning of Christmas with the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Scene.

Ages 5 – 7
Start a meaningful conversation with the Heaven is for Real kids’ book. For those more into movies, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader is a great dvd.  It’s never too early for Bible stories. KJV The Beginner’s Bible Holy Bible will be a long cherished gift.

Ages 8 – 12
This group enjoys being active and Slinky Secret Messages teaches kids about codes and hidden messages. The Be Still art pad is ideal for the budding artist.

Always a good message, Strong + Kind is printed on a gold-plated bar necklace from the Sadie Robertson Live Original Collection, this gift is suitable for all teens, girls and boys alike. Help them stay in the word with the NKJV Ignite: The Bible for Teens.  Your teenagers will also enjoy the Wisdomantics game apps for Android and iOS devices. Please see more information below.

For the Entire Family!
The new Wisdomantics game is expected to be released by December 19th. It now has questions from both the NKJV and NIV versions of the Bible. Another great feature is the universal gameplay between Android and iOS devices. Play with anyone, anywhere.

Grow in wisdom and knowledge as you play Wisdomantics and put your Bible knowledge to the test no matter what device you are playing on. Enjoy the graphics as you play with video in-app. This new feature really makes the game come alive even on small screens!

Make this Christmas unforgettable with Wisdomantics. Give a gift of fun, wisdom and spiritual development. Wisdomantics is also great for homeschoolers, church ministries, and family gatherings. Order yours soon for the new reduced price of just $1.99!

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Learn the Value of Wisdom No Matter Where In the World You Are

English speaking people worldwide will enjoy Wisdomantics, an interactive board game available for download on most iOS devices. The benefits from this enjoyable game are numerous. First, Wisdomantics is based on the Book of Proverbs; players will be soaked in valuable lessons of wisdom. Second, Wisdomantics is fun. Players from all over the globe will enjoy the layout and the versatility of the game. Play with anyone, anywhere in the world. If you don’t feel like company, you can play solo against up to three bots. Two to four players can play in person sharing one device. So many ways to play and fun for all.


Wisdomantics is an innovative game that uses strategy, chance and knowledge for player enjoyment. Tokens move from one to three spaces by chance. You receive blessing cards at each move. Use these to strategize how you will optimize your chances for winning. Your familiarity with the book of Proverbs will be helpful, yet it is not necessary to win the game.

As you journey through the game you are building Solomon’s temple. The first person to complete the temple wins the game! You will learn about the notable acts Solomon is best known for along with his great achievements. You will also learn about his disobedience and rebellion which resulted in a kingdom divided. Learn about the beautiful materials used to construct the temple. Land on the Praise Report space and share the insights gained from the spiritual content of the game. Avoid the Detention Chambers if you can! It will cost you a move.

Introduce your friends to Wisdomantics. Play through the Apple Game Center or share via Facebook, Twitter, even email. Wisdomantics allows you to play anywhere in the world. Invite friends and family, missionaries, pen pals, anyone to join in the journey. Check out Wisdomantics today and pursue wisdom in a new and exciting way!

Buy and play Wisdomantics today – Only $2.99!

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The Ultimate Tool for Teaching Wisdom

How much life enhancing education do you think you could get for just a few dollars? Wisdomantics offers you an exciting, enjoyable way to gain an education featuring the wisdom of King Solomon at an amazing price. Download Wisdomantics today and begin your journey on the path to learning all about wisdom. Your gain is “better than fine gold” and will be “more precious than rubies.” (NKJV)

Ultimate teaching tool app for solomon christian wisdomWisdomantics is an exciting interactive board game which can be used in a variety of settings. Pastors will find Wisdomantics a tool that makes learning about the wisdom of Solomon interesting and thought provoking. Conversations will take new turns and go deeper into the meat of scripture. Parishioners will welcome the change from the same old dry studies as they become involved in the life and times of one of the Bible’s most celebrated characters.

Are you homeschooling your children with the hopes of improving their educational experience? Are you working to protect them from the immorality and foolishness of the world? Wisdomantics can help them grow in discernment as it helps them to develop the ability to make wise decisions. It also helps cultivate strong moral fiber. And, the kids will love that it’s fun!

Wisdomantics is available for download on most iOS devices making it easily accessible so it can be played anywhere. Your kids can learn solid Biblical truths while riding in the back of the car, waiting in line or as an alternative to the junk that’s on television. With the user friendly programming, you can just sit back and enjoy the game experience.

So for an inexpensive, life enhancing education that’s more precious than fine gold and valuable gems, download Wisdomantics and begin your journey on the path to deeper knowledge of the wisdom of Solomon. You’ll be blessed and so will those around you.

Buy and play Wisdomantics today – Only $2.99!

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Wisdomantics Testimonial Month

Have you been enjoying your experiences with Wisdomantics? Well, this is Wisdomantics Testimonial Month, and we would like you to share your love of Wisdomantics with others. Just as scripture admonishes us not to hide our light under a barrel, we don’t want you to keep all the fun of Wisdomantics to yourself. If the game has been helpful and fun we’d like you to invite others to try it. Let folks know what the game has done for you or your family.

Wisdomantics Solomon Book of Proverbs App Testimonials

Testimonial Sharing Ideas

Do you need some ideas on how to share your experience with other? Here on some suggestions you may want to try:

  • Facebook – Just about everyone has a Facebook page these days. It only takes a few minutes to write a post and give your testimony about Wisdomantics.
  • Twitter – For people who like expediency, tweet your Wisdomantics love to all your followers.
  • Email – You can always make mention of Wisdomantics in emails you send out to friends and family.
  • Party night – If you enjoy offering hospitality you can invite a few friends over to play the game so they can see how they like it for themselves. Make it a potluck event and save yourself the extra work!
  • Share with your faith community – When was the last time you shared with friends in your faith community about a game you enjoyed playing with family and friends? Let everyone know how great the game is when it comes to life application.
  • Youth groups – Your teens youth group is a wonderful place to introduce Wisdomantics and spark some in-depth conversation while having fun.
  • Use the Share feature on the game – Wisdomantics has a Share feature under the settings tab. Go to the menu screen hit share and you can share the game with friends and family through email, Facebook and Twitter.

Maybe you have noticed that there are not many smiling faces in the world today. People are burdened with the cares of the world. You can help lighten their load by introducing them to the fun and insightful wisdom of Wisdomantics. Share your testimony with someone today.

Play Wisdomantics – Only $2.99!

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Life Answers Are In The Book of Proverbs

Bring Wisdom to Your Life Issues

The book of proverbs is full to the brim of wise advice over any situation you may encounter. Even though written in ancient times, it contains the wisdom of the ages. The guidance it provides is valid even, and maybe especially, in today’s circumstances. No matter what your age is you can benefit from King Solomon’s wisdom as preserved for us in Proverbs. Now you can enjoy learning from Proverbs more than ever before.

Life Answers In Book of Proverbs

Wisdomantics for Older Kids and Adults of All Ages

Issues such as getting along with difficult people, how to find the love of your life, or even how to handle financial matters and so much more, are covered in the book of Proverbs. You can have fun while searching for answers to such serious issues. Kingdom Games Enterprises offers Wisdomantics, a state-of-the-art interactive board game. With over 400 multiple choice quotes from the book of Proverbs, you are bound to learn how to handle a variety of life’s problems while enjoying the challenge of being the first player to build Solomon’s temple.

Wisdomantics brings you Biblical truths to guide you in your quest for solutions to difficult problems. Young people as well as mature adults will find encouragement and guidance while enjoying the insights you gather as you play. More than just a game, Wisdomantics raises your awareness of principled, godly living.

Discuss Life Application

Intended for ages 12 and up, parents may find this a helpful teaching tool for preteens and teens. Wisdomantics sparks conversation as you discuss ways of applying the scripture quotes to your daily lives. It also brings people together as you play and have fun with the game.

Take advantage of gathering wisdom from scripture and allowing it to help you through the challenges you are facing in your life. Enjoy the process with friends and family or by yourself. Wisdomantics is a game you’ll enjoy playing over and over again.

Play Wisdomantics – Only $2.99!

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Learn About King Solomon and His Temple

Have Fun and Learn from the Wisdom of Solomon

King Solomon has been revered in history as one of the wisest men who ever lived. His Book of Wisdom or Book of Proverbs continues to provide sage advice applicable today. Wisdomantics takes his wisdom and uses it as the central foundation of a game that is fun for all ages of the family.

Ancient Wisdom of the World

Although Solomon’s wisdom is contained within the sacred writings of Jews and Christians, Solomon’s practical advice is quoted and appreciated beyond the reaches of these religious confines. Solomon teaches about how to use our time wisely, how to judge the character of those around us and how to make wise decisions in business. By including his easy to remember nuggets within the elements of a game that is both fun and challenging, players can develop a mindset that is in tune with the wisdom of the ages.


Learn About King Solomon and His Temple

One of the great marvels of the ancient world was the temple Solomon built in Jerusalem. As part of the Wisdomantics game, players can learn about all the craftsmanship and detail that went into creating this wonder. Details about Solomon’s life, family history and his place in the world of his time all can be gained from questions in the game. For those who already know the life and temple of King Solomon well, it can be a challenge to see who knows their facts the best.

For All Seekers of Wisdom

If you’re a seeker of truth and wisdom, Wisdomantics is a great opportunity to grow in these areas. As Solomon says: “How much better to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.”

Give Wisdomantics a try!

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*Source: Solomon’s Temple 3D Rendering

New Wisdom of Solomon Game App Is Great for Kids on the Go!

Are you tired of mindless games being the only electronic option for older kids? Trying to keep kids occupied in waiting rooms, restaurants or during quiet waits? Looking for something new to keep them engaged on the next road trip? Introducing Wisdomantics—a new Christian game app that helps older kids and teens gain the wisdom of Solomon.

Wisdomantics Wisdom of Solomon App Game

Great for Older Kids

Parents will love this new way to teach the wisdom of Solomon. It’s fun, interactive and comes with amazing graphics on the iPad. Kids will work their way around a board, earning materials to build King Solomon’s Temple, while learning. This game engages the player by combining elements of chance, knowledge and strategy. Though designed for kids ages 12 and up, this game could also work for younger kids with solid reading skills.

More than Entertainment

Moms and dads will love how this Christian game packs in sound, Biblical education. Kids will be enjoying themselves while learning from over 400 quotes from Proverbs in this affordable app. Currently available in the New King James Version of the Bible, Wisdomantics uses fill-in-the-blank pop ups to prompt kids to learn Biblical truth. If the NIV is more your style, there’s a plug-in changing to New International Version coming soon.

On-the-Go Fun

Whether you are running errands, sitting in a waiting room or taking a road trip to Grandma’s house, this game will keep kids occupied. It can be played as a solo game or as a pass-and-play multiplayer game. The iPad version includes a beautifully illustrated board. Whether on iPad, phone or other device, this works for mobile entertainment indoors and outdoors.

The next time you find yourself waiting forever at a restaurant or needing to pass the minutes on a long drive, Wisdomantics can help keep kids learning and having fun. Download Wisdomantics today from the App Store – BUY NOW – click on the App Store button below!

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Introducing a Fun Bible Game for Tweens, Teens and Adults.

So many apps focus on either education for younger kids or mindless fun for older kids. Introducing Wisdomantics—the fun game app that seeks to communicate strong Biblical knowledge and Christian values for older kids and adults. This game makes learning the Wisdom of Solomon fun for kids 12 and older. Though designed for tweens, teens and adults, younger kids can play and enjoy some of the educational benefits as well, especially in a Sunday School or class setting.

King Solomon young adult kids app game

This fun, interactive game educates kids on the wisdom of King Solomon by utilizing timeless truths from the book of Proverbs. Over 400 quotes from Proverbs are included in this affordable app. Wisdomantics is currently available in the New King James Version. If the New International Version is more your style, the ability to upgrade to NIV is coming soon. Those using the game on the iPad will enjoy colorful board game illustrations.

Perfect for Teaching

Looking for a fun way to change up your normal Sunday School class or Wednesday night program? Trying to supplement your homeschool curriculum? Looking for a new way to engage your kids in a fun, interactive game time? Whatever your goal, this fun, interactive game educates kids on the wisdom of Solomon by combining elements of chance, knowledge and strategy.

Great for Solo Play or Groups

Kids and adults will love competing to find the right answers or working in teams. The game works in solo play mode or for 2-4 players. Sunday School classes can work as teams, learning while they compete to build Solomon’s temple before the other team. Collect supplies to build your temple by answering easy, fill-in-the-blank questions based on the book of Proverbs.

Download Wisdomantics today and get your kids or your class started learning the Wisdom of Solomon, one exciting game at a time. This exciting Wisdom of Solomon app game is available in the App Store BUY NOW – click on the App Store button below!

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Wisdomantics—Teach Your Kids the Wisdom of Solomon

Looking for a way to engage older kids in Biblical learning? Looking for new Sunday School games to keep tweens and teens engaged? Wisdomantics is a new Christian app game for kids that helps them gain the Wisdom of Solomon.

Wisdomantics Christian App Game For Kids

This fun, interactive game educates kids on the wisdom of King Solomon by utilizing timeless truths from the book of Proverbs. Over 400 quotes from Proverbs are included in this affordable app. Parents looking for indoor and/or outdoor games for kids (and young adults) will find it’s perfect for restaurants, running errands or just for some on-screen downtime.

Great for Older Kids

So many game apps are educational for younger kids but only time fillers for older kids. Wisdomantics is a Bible game designed for kids 12 and up, though younger players can enjoy and benefit from its educational fun as well. It can be played solo or as a multi-player, pass-and-play game. It engages kids with the stories from Solomon’s life and is currently available in the New King James Version. If the New International Version is more your style, the ability to upgrade to NIV is coming soon. All devices benefit from easy-to-use pop ups. Those using the game on the iPad will enjoy an extra perk—colorful board game illustrations.

Play & Learn

Have tons of fun building Solomon’s temple with colored tiles collected as players navigate their way through the game. The first player to complete their temple wins. The game utilizes a combination of chance, knowledge and strategy. A knowledge of the book of Proverbs is helpful but not necessary. Pop-up windows include fill-in the blank quotes, making it easy for the user to learn Solomon’s wisdom, one verse at a time.

Christian Activities for Kids

Wisdomantics focuses the player’s attention on spiritual content and values with a variety of tools. Players may give a brief praise report if they land on the Praise Report space. They may also request prayer for themselves or others if they land on the Petition a Prayer Request space. Keeping the focus on solid Christian values and the wisdom found in Proverbs will make this an excellent teaching tool and Sunday School resource.

Download Today

This fun Christian game app for kids will be the perfect addition to your older child’s online entertainment and education games. Download Wisdomantics today for online Christian learning on-the-go for only $2.99 in the Apple App StoreBUY NOW – click on the App Store button below!

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