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Do not be a fool!

 Proverbs 15:5  A fool despises his father’s correction, but he who receives correction is prudent. (NKJV)

At times, children can be hard-headed and disobedient.  Whether a toddler or a grown adult, the level of disobedience may demand varying degrees of penalty or correction.  Whatever the case; receive the correction from your father so that you may mature and become wise.  
When Pete was five years old, his mom and dad divorced.  Pete’s mom changed their names, moved out of state, and against the will of the court; refused to allow his father to have contact.  For years, Pete could only dream what life might have been like if his dad was a part of his life.  After years of searching, Pete was 23 years old when his father finally located him.  Although their reunion was icy, they agreed to make an attempt at starting a father-son relationship.  Although they were separated for 18 years, Pete’s father loved him very much and would offer guidance and monetary resources to assist Pete in everyday life situations.   However, in order to hurt his father; Pete would reject his father’s sound loving advice and do the opposite.  Eventually, Pete’s actions got him fired from three jobs within one year, and a 4-year sentence for domestic violence.  You must listen to your father’s instruction; even when it hurts you to do so!