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What are you enticed by?

 Proverbs 1:10   My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them. (NIV)          Why is it so easy to be a follower?  Perhaps it’s because following does not require much leadership.  Simply following may also reduce your level of accountability.  So you may think!

Mark was a friendly kid who achieved good grades in school and was highly respected.  He planned to join the U.S. Army in a few months.  However, Mark was very impressionable and liked to fit in with others. One day, a friend named Larry, proposed they steal an expensive bike from a nearby store.  Larry had stolen two bikes from the same store in the previous 6 months.  Besides, Larry offered Mark half the proceeds after he sold the stolen bike.  The thought of easy money was enticing.  Mark and Larry went to a party, drank beer until they were intoxicated, then decided to steal a bike.  Buzzed on “liquid courage”, they actually stole 3 bikes worth a total of $2,200.  They were able to get four blocks away before being apprehended by police officers.  Mark was ultimately charged and convicted of felony theft and DUI.  Due to Mark’s felony convictions, he could no longer serve in our military.  Mark’s life-altering tragedy could have been avoided if he would have resisted the wickedly enticing words of his friend.