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Getting on track

By the spring of 2017, it had been awhile since the iOS and Android apps were available on the App Store and Google Play.  Until that point, I was the only person who researched, developed, managed, determined spending, and authorized the direction for which the vision would go.  That would not have been a bad “idea” if God had given me all of the wisdom, knowledge, understanding to fulfil the vision on my own.  However, during this season, I determined I would no longer continue to haphazardly throw money here and there or execute random ideas without wise counsel.  I still knew that God had given me a vision and that the vision would manifest.  However, I determined I could not  get there on my own with my limited expertise.  I began reading books that focused on learning to apply sound business and financial principles to my profession.   After that, I learned about Hustle Phx 101 and quickly enrolled.  During the course, I met an instructor, Todd Davis, of Ideaology Consulting Group who expressed an interest in helping me grow the Wisdomantics vision.  I now have access to a team who can give the expertise I have lacked for so long.  I believe God is ready to do what I could never have imagined!