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The Wisdomantics DVD board game

In January of 2014, I received a shipment of 5, 000 DVD games from Grand Prix International!  This was an exciting experience!  My vision first developed into a prototype, then years later into a fully operational DVD interactive board game!  I was on top of the world.  However, I had not done my homework years earlier.  Apps began to be developed around 2006.  God first inspired me to work on the vision, (game based upon the proverbs of Solomon) in 2000.  If I had developed a DVD interactive game at that time, it might have been a hit.  There was a shrinking market for DVD games when Wisdomantics was finally produced in 2014.  By that time, I had already invested tens of thousands into a project that was not going anywhere.  Your disobedience can cost you time, money, relationships, and much more.  Again, this was another costly lesson learned as I continue to pursue the vision that I know is God-given and God-driven.  Should I have given up and thrown in the towel?  No, I simply took a step back, reassessed the situation, and came back with a renewed fighting spirit.  God told me to make a game based upon the book of Proverbs.  He did not tell me how to make it or what it would look like.  Looking back, I should have done more research before determining the technology I should have pursued in 2006.  Nonetheless, God has not given up on me and I have not given up on Him!  Later, in 2014, God blessed me with my wife Nickona!  You see, God does give you beauty for your ashes!  Nickona has become my biggest supporter and we are continuing to grow and develop our family as well as the vision.  I am truly blessed to have her as my wife!