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You must trust someone

familyIn 2012, I signed a contract with an unnamed game manufacturer in the U.S.  I paid a $18,105 down payment for them to manufacture 2,500 DVD games.  This company later breached the contract after they failed to mold a high-quality game piece to agreed specifications.  Afterward, I learned the owner was already in divorce proceedings and facing bankruptcy. After having retained an attorney, I sued them and discovered it could be years before a trial.  The manufacturer effectively had my hands and money tied.  Eventually, I settled for $4,905. In total, I lost $13,200 to this “Christian” company.  There may come a time when you must trust people with your vision, company, or affairs.  Although you may have ownership, you may need individuals to develop materials, market your product, manage your business, and/or provide professional assistance.  You must trust someone!  I prayed on many occasions throughout that nightmare and I can only say that God gave me the ability to endure that trial and excel through that dismal situation.  I believe God made me stronger and wiser through that situation as He works all things for our good.  By the grace of God, I could take those lemons and make lemonade!  Don’t allow anyone or anything to keep you from accomplishing your dreams!  With God’s help, your test will become your testimony!