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Wisdomantics for iOS and Android devices Is Here!

Wisdomantics, the game you’ve been waiting for is here just in time for gift-giving! Solomon, often called the wisest man ever to live, left a legacy of wisdom that still impacts the lives of millions. Now you, your family and friends can gain the wisdom of Solomon through this exciting interactive game. For $1.99, less than the cost of a Christmas Latte, you can download Wisdomantics and give the gift of Solomon’s wisdom to family and friends. More than just a board game, Wisdomantics can be played anywhere in the world on iOS and Android devices.

Wisdomantics android and ios Christian game app

Play with friends and family in the multiplayer mode no matter where you or they happen to be, or play and pass it around for a fun game night. Don’t feel like company, but you’re still up for a game? Play in solo mode with up to three bots.

Strategy, chance and knowledge make the game captivating and lively. It’s an educational tool. Dig deep into Solomon’s wisdom as you build the temple. Learn about this mighty king’s extraordinary achievements and the celebrated acts for which he is best known. Be amazed as you learn about the building materials used to construct the world’s most beautiful temple. Learn from Solomon’s mistakes of disobedience and rebellion. Gain valuable insights as you race to finish the temple.

Wisdomantics has all the intrigue of popular games of strategy, the excitement of games of chance and the delight of games of trivia which rely on skill and luck all rolled into one! Lose a turn if you end up in the Detention Chambers. Share your insights when you land on the Praise Report space. Remember the needs of others when you land on the Petition a Prayer Request space.  Gain wisdom as you share with other players.

Invite people from all over the world to join you in a game of Wisdomantics. Download your game today on the App Store and Google Play for only $1.99! Play Wisdomantics via Facebook, Twitter or even email. This Christmas, give a gift of excitement, fun and wisdom to those you hold dear. Give the gift of Wisdomantics!

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