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Learn the Value of Wisdom No Matter Where In the World You Are

English speaking people worldwide will enjoy Wisdomantics, an interactive board game available for download on most iOS devices. The benefits from this enjoyable game are numerous. First, Wisdomantics is based on the Book of Proverbs; players will be soaked in valuable lessons of wisdom. Second, Wisdomantics is fun. Players from all over the globe will enjoy the layout and the versatility of the game. Play with anyone, anywhere in the world. If you don’t feel like company, you can play solo against up to three bots. Two to four players can play in person sharing one device. So many ways to play and fun for all.


Wisdomantics is an innovative game that uses strategy, chance and knowledge for player enjoyment. Tokens move from one to three spaces by chance. You receive blessing cards at each move. Use these to strategize how you will optimize your chances for winning. Your familiarity with the book of Proverbs will be helpful, yet it is not necessary to win the game.

As you journey through the game you are building Solomon’s temple. The first person to complete the temple wins the game! You will learn about the notable acts Solomon is best known for along with his great achievements. You will also learn about his disobedience and rebellion which resulted in a kingdom divided. Learn about the beautiful materials used to construct the temple. Land on the Praise Report space and share the insights gained from the spiritual content of the game. Avoid the Detention Chambers if you can! It will cost you a move.

Introduce your friends to Wisdomantics. Play through the Apple Game Center or share via Facebook, Twitter, even email. Wisdomantics allows you to play anywhere in the world. Invite friends and family, missionaries, pen pals, anyone to join in the journey. Check out Wisdomantics today and pursue wisdom in a new and exciting way!

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