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The Ultimate Tool for Teaching Wisdom

How much life enhancing education do you think you could get for just a few dollars? Wisdomantics offers you an exciting, enjoyable way to gain an education featuring the wisdom of King Solomon at an amazing price. Download Wisdomantics today and begin your journey on the path to learning all about wisdom. Your gain is “better than fine gold” and will be “more precious than rubies.” (NKJV)

Ultimate teaching tool app for solomon christian wisdomWisdomantics is an exciting interactive board game which can be used in a variety of settings. Pastors will find Wisdomantics a tool that makes learning about the wisdom of Solomon interesting and thought provoking. Conversations will take new turns and go deeper into the meat of scripture. Parishioners will welcome the change from the same old dry studies as they become involved in the life and times of one of the Bible’s most celebrated characters.

Are you homeschooling your children with the hopes of improving their educational experience? Are you working to protect them from the immorality and foolishness of the world? Wisdomantics can help them grow in discernment as it helps them to develop the ability to make wise decisions. It also helps cultivate strong moral fiber. And, the kids will love that it’s fun!

Wisdomantics is available for download on most iOS devices making it easily accessible so it can be played anywhere. Your kids can learn solid Biblical truths while riding in the back of the car, waiting in line or as an alternative to the junk that’s on television. With the user friendly programming, you can just sit back and enjoy the game experience.

So for an inexpensive, life enhancing education that’s more precious than fine gold and valuable gems, download Wisdomantics and begin your journey on the path to deeper knowledge of the wisdom of Solomon. You’ll be blessed and so will those around you.

Buy and play Wisdomantics today – Only $2.99!

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