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Wisdomantics Testimonial Month

Have you been enjoying your experiences with Wisdomantics? Well, this is Wisdomantics Testimonial Month, and we would like you to share your love of Wisdomantics with others. Just as scripture admonishes us not to hide our light under a barrel, we don’t want you to keep all the fun of Wisdomantics to yourself. If the game has been helpful and fun we’d like you to invite others to try it. Let folks know what the game has done for you or your family.

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Testimonial Sharing Ideas

Do you need some ideas on how to share your experience with other? Here on some suggestions you may want to try:

  • Facebook – Just about everyone has a Facebook page these days. It only takes a few minutes to write a post and give your testimony about Wisdomantics.
  • Twitter – For people who like expediency, tweet your Wisdomantics love to all your followers.
  • Email – You can always make mention of Wisdomantics in emails you send out to friends and family.
  • Party night – If you enjoy offering hospitality you can invite a few friends over to play the game so they can see how they like it for themselves. Make it a potluck event and save yourself the extra work!
  • Share with your faith community – When was the last time you shared with friends in your faith community about a game you enjoyed playing with family and friends? Let everyone know how great the game is when it comes to life application.
  • Youth groups – Your teens youth group is a wonderful place to introduce Wisdomantics and spark some in-depth conversation while having fun.
  • Use the Share feature on the game – Wisdomantics has a Share feature under the settings tab. Go to the menu screen hit share and you can share the game with friends and family through email, Facebook and Twitter.

Maybe you have noticed that there are not many smiling faces in the world today. People are burdened with the cares of the world. You can help lighten their load by introducing them to the fun and insightful wisdom of Wisdomantics. Share your testimony with someone today.

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