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Learn About King Solomon and His Temple

Have Fun and Learn from the Wisdom of Solomon

King Solomon has been revered in history as one of the wisest men who ever lived. His Book of Wisdom or Book of Proverbs continues to provide sage advice applicable today. Wisdomantics takes his wisdom and uses it as the central foundation of a game that is fun for all ages of the family.

Ancient Wisdom of the World

Although Solomon’s wisdom is contained within the sacred writings of Jews and Christians, Solomon’s practical advice is quoted and appreciated beyond the reaches of these religious confines. Solomon teaches about how to use our time wisely, how to judge the character of those around us and how to make wise decisions in business. By including his easy to remember nuggets within the elements of a game that is both fun and challenging, players can develop a mindset that is in tune with the wisdom of the ages.


Learn About King Solomon and His Temple

One of the great marvels of the ancient world was the temple Solomon built in Jerusalem. As part of the Wisdomantics game, players can learn about all the craftsmanship and detail that went into creating this wonder. Details about Solomon’s life, family history and his place in the world of his time all can be gained from questions in the game. For those who already know the life and temple of King Solomon well, it can be a challenge to see who knows their facts the best.

For All Seekers of Wisdom

If you’re a seeker of truth and wisdom, Wisdomantics is a great opportunity to grow in these areas. As Solomon says: “How much better to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.”

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