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New Wisdom of Solomon Game App Is Great for Kids on the Go!

Are you tired of mindless games being the only electronic option for older kids? Trying to keep kids occupied in waiting rooms, restaurants or during quiet waits? Looking for something new to keep them engaged on the next road trip? Introducing Wisdomantics—a new Christian game app that helps older kids and teens gain the wisdom of Solomon.

Wisdomantics Wisdom of Solomon App Game

Great for Older Kids

Parents will love this new way to teach the wisdom of Solomon. It’s fun, interactive and comes with amazing graphics on the iPad. Kids will work their way around a board, earning materials to build King Solomon’s Temple, while learning. This game engages the player by combining elements of chance, knowledge and strategy. Though designed for kids ages 12 and up, this game could also work for younger kids with solid reading skills.

More than Entertainment

Moms and dads will love how this Christian game packs in sound, Biblical education. Kids will be enjoying themselves while learning from over 400 quotes from Proverbs in this affordable app. Currently available in the New King James Version of the Bible, Wisdomantics uses fill-in-the-blank pop ups to prompt kids to learn Biblical truth. If the NIV is more your style, there’s a plug-in changing to New International Version coming soon.

On-the-Go Fun

Whether you are running errands, sitting in a waiting room or taking a road trip to Grandma’s house, this game will keep kids occupied. It can be played as a solo game or as a pass-and-play multiplayer game. The iPad version includes a beautifully illustrated board. Whether on iPad, phone or other device, this works for mobile entertainment indoors and outdoors.

The next time you find yourself waiting forever at a restaurant or needing to pass the minutes on a long drive, Wisdomantics can help keep kids learning and having fun. Download Wisdomantics today from the App Store – BUY NOW – click on the App Store button below!

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