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Introducing a Fun Bible Game for Tweens, Teens and Adults.

So many apps focus on either education for younger kids or mindless fun for older kids. Introducing Wisdomantics—the fun game app that seeks to communicate strong Biblical knowledge and Christian values for older kids and adults. This game makes learning the Wisdom of Solomon fun for kids 12 and older. Though designed for tweens, teens and adults, younger kids can play and enjoy some of the educational benefits as well, especially in a Sunday School or class setting.

King Solomon young adult kids app game

This fun, interactive game educates kids on the wisdom of King Solomon by utilizing timeless truths from the book of Proverbs. Over 400 quotes from Proverbs are included in this affordable app. Wisdomantics is currently available in the New King James Version. If the New International Version is more your style, the ability to upgrade to NIV is coming soon. Those using the game on the iPad will enjoy colorful board game illustrations.

Perfect for Teaching

Looking for a fun way to change up your normal Sunday School class or Wednesday night program? Trying to supplement your homeschool curriculum? Looking for a new way to engage your kids in a fun, interactive game time? Whatever your goal, this fun, interactive game educates kids on the wisdom of Solomon by combining elements of chance, knowledge and strategy.

Great for Solo Play or Groups

Kids and adults will love competing to find the right answers or working in teams. The game works in solo play mode or for 2-4 players. Sunday School classes can work as teams, learning while they compete to build Solomon’s temple before the other team. Collect supplies to build your temple by answering easy, fill-in-the-blank questions based on the book of Proverbs.

Download Wisdomantics today and get your kids or your class started learning the Wisdom of Solomon, one exciting game at a time. This exciting Wisdom of Solomon app game is available in the App Store BUY NOW – click on the App Store button below!

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