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Wisdomantics—Teach Your Kids the Wisdom of Solomon

Looking for a way to engage older kids in Biblical learning? Looking for new Sunday School games to keep tweens and teens engaged? Wisdomantics is a new Christian app game for kids that helps them gain the Wisdom of Solomon.

Wisdomantics Christian App Game For Kids

This fun, interactive game educates kids on the wisdom of King Solomon by utilizing timeless truths from the book of Proverbs. Over 400 quotes from Proverbs are included in this affordable app. Parents looking for indoor and/or outdoor games for kids (and young adults) will find it’s perfect for restaurants, running errands or just for some on-screen downtime.

Great for Older Kids

So many game apps are educational for younger kids but only time fillers for older kids. Wisdomantics is a Bible game designed for kids 12 and up, though younger players can enjoy and benefit from its educational fun as well. It can be played solo or as a multi-player, pass-and-play game. It engages kids with the stories from Solomon’s life and is currently available in the New King James Version. If the New International Version is more your style, the ability to upgrade to NIV is coming soon. All devices benefit from easy-to-use pop ups. Those using the game on the iPad will enjoy an extra perk—colorful board game illustrations.

Play & Learn

Have tons of fun building Solomon’s temple with colored tiles collected as players navigate their way through the game. The first player to complete their temple wins. The game utilizes a combination of chance, knowledge and strategy. A knowledge of the book of Proverbs is helpful but not necessary. Pop-up windows include fill-in the blank quotes, making it easy for the user to learn Solomon’s wisdom, one verse at a time.

Christian Activities for Kids

Wisdomantics focuses the player’s attention on spiritual content and values with a variety of tools. Players may give a brief praise report if they land on the Praise Report space. They may also request prayer for themselves or others if they land on the Petition a Prayer Request space. Keeping the focus on solid Christian values and the wisdom found in Proverbs will make this an excellent teaching tool and Sunday School resource.

Download Today

This fun Christian game app for kids will be the perfect addition to your older child’s online entertainment and education games. Download Wisdomantics today for online Christian learning on-the-go for only $2.99 in the Apple App StoreBUY NOW – click on the App Store button below!

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